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Our Policies 

We understand that Covid-19 has caused great concern, especially with regards to close contact services.

Of all close contact services, a reputable tattoo and piercing studio is one of the safest places you can be. The stringent hygiene practices that we follow in non-covid times is similar to those we follow now. 

We have always , and will continue to...

  • Deep clean and sanitise the shop from top to bottom with hospital grade disinfectant daily.

  • Sanitise chair and work stations after each use by a customer

  • provide staff with medical grade disposable gloves 

  • Practice hand washing between customers to ensure no cross contamination

Please be reassured that at Plan 9 we follow these additional guidelines to ensure the safety of our customers and our colleagues:

  • only accept appointments in advance via phone or internet for both piercing and tattoos.

  • Not accept any walk in appointments

  • Provide mandatory masks and hand sanitiser for all visiting customers

  • Screen all visitors upon entry for covid-19 contact and symptoms

  • Keep customers at least 6 feet apart

  • Allow one customer per employee in the tattoo studio at any given time

  • Screen all employees for covid-19 daily and at the beginning of each shift

  • Provide training for all employees to limit the spread of covid-19

  • Provide face shields for all employees engaged in providing treatments

  • Sanitise all high-touch areas every 2 hours

We will of course take every step necessary to implement any additional regulations, orders and guidance from the UK government to ensure your comfort and safety.

Should I wait to be vaccinated before I get a tattoo?

There are no contraindications to receive a COVID-19 vaccine shortly before or after getting a tattoo at this time. A specific wait time between getting vaccinated and tattooed hasn't been recommended either. Based on how the various vaccines work there isn't any reason to think getting a tattoo would influence how well the vaccines work. Neither is there any reason you can't get the vaccine through the site of a previous tattoo. 

The biggest issue lies in the similar side effects vaccines and tattoos have. Both can cause arm soreness, pain, and redness. With this in mind you might not want to get any arm tattoos around the same time as your vaccine appointment.

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