Our Team

Tori Talio

I started tattooing 11 years ago and have had a life long interest in art and design, studying to A-level and getting my first tattoo as soon as I was able! My work has taken me to multiple countries where I have had the opportunity to work with great artists from all over the world, picking up new styles and techniques as well as gaining influences from different cultures. My favourite types of work to do are graphic, delicate fine line, and big, bold tattoos, although I am an ‘all rounder’ and flexible; ranging from script to realism and everything in between. Outside of work I am mother to an amazing daughter, I like to travel, meditate, write, and I love music, especially drum and bass.

Antonio di Palo

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Stephanie Salsinha (Apprentice)

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Elle Gottzi (Guest Artist)

My name is Elle Gottzi
Ukrainian by birth, and world citizen by life and spirit 🙂
I have been an artist all my life, sell taught at everything.
I began tattooing at late stage in my life around 2012 (in my early 30’s)
As an ambitious perfectionist, i have been constantly pushing hard and forward, hungry to learn more, faster and better- being in an endless competition with myself.
My favorite styles are Realism, Surrealism, Watercolor, Trash Polka, abstract …and pretty much a creative and harmonic mix in between all of those!

R.J Lenox (Guest Artist)

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