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Please provide a £50 deposit to secure your consultation. The final price of your tattoo will depend on size, body area, colour choice and complexity. We will confirm the total cost of your tattoo at your consultation appointment.

The £50 deposit is non-refundable, but will come off the final price of your tattoo if you decide to proceed. It may be prudent to send an image to our email for a rough estimate before placing a deposit.

The date that you choose for your appointment is subject to confirmation and we will be in touch with agreed final day and time. 


Please provide a £10 deposit to secure your booking. Piercing Prices start at £25. For a full price list please see the website.


Vouchers make a thoughtful gift for your family and loved ones. Vouchers can be purchased for either tattoo or piercing services in store. Please come along to our shop in South Ealing where our friendly staff will be able to hand you a printed voucher, completed to your specification and for the amount you would like to pay. Each voucher is bespoke so you can get a voucher for 50p or £5000!f  PLEASE NOTEWE ARE CASH ONLY AT THE STUDIO. Thank you 

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