Our minimum charge is £50, which covers small and very simple tattoos. Small to medium tattoos are priced individually. There are a number of factors that influence price such as level of detail, the positioning of the tattoo, size, colour/shading and the complexity of the design. Each artist works with different styles, techniques and prices. Not every artist charges per hour, but when they do, it will only be for large tattoos of 3 hours or longer. Hourly rate: £100 per hour | Day Session: £500-£700.

The best way to get a quotation for a tattoo and to get booked in is to come to the shop for a consultation. The tattoo artist will look at body placement, take measurements, take all your design ideas/references and estimate how long the tattoo will take. If you live far away or abroad we will do our best to provide a rough guide price by email or phone.


LOBE/S         £25/40
HELIX            £30
TRAGUS         £30
SNUG            £30 
DAITH           £30 
ROOK            £30
CONCH          £30  
NOSTRIL        £30

LABRET             £30 

SEPTUM            £30

TONGUE            £30
NIPPLE             £30/60 
BRIDGE             £30
EYEBROW          £30
INDUSTRIAL       £30
ORBITAL            £30
NAVEL              £30

Piercing prices include your consultation and standard non allergenic, sterilised titanium jewellery.


This is not an exhaustive list. If the piercing you want is not on the list, please contact us for prices.

A selection of beautiful jewellery is available to purchase from our display in our reception area.